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** Disclaimer : SureFiz meal plans are sample ideas and recommendations, not written by a licensed dietitian. For more specific diet plans please consult a licensed dietitian or nutritionist.

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SureFiz provides all the tools and help needed for weight loss and weight maintenance. Along with the unique features of SureFiz you also get your body metrics such as muscles, fats water, bones health, BMI, metabolic rate, protein, body type, and overall body score. It also advises you the number of calories intake to lose and maintain weight effectively.

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Rasimo Systems the maker of SureFiz ran a beta field trial, this is what our beta subscribers say

Alicia Pretty

Professional Model

In the modeling and music industry looks are everything. SureFiz goes one step beyond the superficial looks and keeps me healthy! I am able to keep up my busy schedule because SureFiz does all the rest!

Courtney Breen

Courtney Breen

Student and EMT

Losing weight had always been hard for me since it is difficult to see results right away. SureFiz is so accurate and gives so much information that I really feel like I'm losing more for the same amount of effort!

Leilani Anne Mattson

Leilani Anne Mattson

Verification Specialist

SureFiz really helps to keep me accountable for my weight loss goals. I also fight on the amateur level, and during a weight cut, it really helps me to ensure I am doing it in a healthy and efficient way!

Shan Javed

Shan Javed

IT and MMA Professional

I love SureFiz because as an IT professional , I have to sit quite a bit. I can't get the movement I need to stay active how I want. SureFiz allows me to monitor my body composition both, for health and prep for my fights.

Shan javed