SureFiz Pro is Ideal for Any Fitness & Wellness and Weight Loss Approach

What Do Experts Say About SureFiz Pro


"The very concept of this innovation is amazing. Excellent platform for managed care weight loss by trainers. I am working with the SureFiz researcher to predict the obesity of offspring."

Dr. Marjo-Ritta Jarvelin



"This is truly all encompassing and so much more than a scale. I would highly recommend this scale to anyone from a weight loss seeker to bodybuilder. It’s amazing!!!!"

Jenn Ryan

Registered trainer


"SureFiz is a complete weight management service delivery packe. It helps me to reach my clients anywhere in the world. My clients and I, both, love it."

Carmen Ghantous

Expert in weight loss management


"SureFiz provider's package keeps my clients on track in their weight loss journey. The best part is it keeps them motivated via instant feedback and daily motivational messages."

Dr. Raffaele Pilla

Diet and Obesity researcher

An Inventive Wellnes, Fitness, and Weight Management Monitoring and Support System


SureFiz Pro consists on an innovative WiFi smart scale, mobile app, AI agent, trainer's dashboard to manage and monitor your clients and to communicate with them, above all the cost is low.

A Complete Operation in a Box

  • Manage, educate, guide, motivate, and monitor your clients automatically
  • Trademarked AI takes care of customized and tailored guidance and education for your clients
  • You take care of complex situations; routine feedback and day-day-operation are handled by SureFiz Pro

Realtime and Offline Observation and Supervision

  • Monitor your clients' weight, metabolic rate and whole body composition remotely
  • Option to add wellness and fitness available, which we design and manufature
  • They can view their progress directly on scale screen graphics and in app as well

Two Modes of Operations

  • Weight loss mode during active process to lose weight
  • Weight Maintenance after reaching desired weight
  • Modes are automatically adjusted, no intervention neede, it helps them shaping their lifestyle

Visuals for Clients and Trainers

  • Nice and meaningful charts and graphs
  • Both for you and your clients
  • Weight, BMI, body composition, and BMR

Instant Feedback

  • As they step on the scale the receive instant feedback
  • The feedback comes from the AI algorithms and knowledge base
  • We can customize the contents of the feedback per you need including diet plan, excercise routines, webpage link, pdf, video link, literally any contents in addition to what is already in AI knowledge base

Client's Communication

  • You can communicate to your clients through SureFiz Pro app by video call and instant text message
  • No need to use anyother application, text and one-touch video consultation is built in SureFiz Pro
  • The system can send alerts and motivational messages on your behalf

Workout plans, exercise videos, and customized instructions

  • Your clients receive the customized and tailored training automatically
  • The media of training could be videos, text, PDF, or webpage
  • You could provide live training session through SureFiz Pro

Customized Alerts for the Trainers

  • SureFiz provides cutomized alerts for you and your staff
  • Effective communication between client and trainer
  • Educate your clients

Comprehensive meal plans according to metabolic rate

  • It provides you the clients BMR and effective metabolic rate
  • Meal plan suggestions based on effective metabolic rate and the client's goal
  • Variety of recipes for various weight loss approaches

Intelligent Food Journal

  • Clients' calories, proteins, carb, fat and fiber tracking along with historical data
  • Recommended meal libraries and plans for the clients, exclusive support for bariatric clients
  • Easy meal entry and display of macro nutrients in simple language

Client Stays Motivated throughout

  • Clients receive motivational messages based on their situation
  • It helps them to stay on track during weight loss and maintenance
  • Intrinsic motivations and implied personal endorsement for everlasting results

Accountability and Community Support

  • Option for clients to hand pick friends and family to his/her accountability circle and create challenges
  • This research proven feature helps the client to lose and then maintain weight
  • The circle members can optionally view one another’s performance and communicate

Customizable to exactly match your need

  • We provide free customization of the platform as needed to fulfill your needs
  • Add any additional features you many need for your practice or hospital
  • For large deployments we offer white labeling service with your logo and name

Integration with EMR, EHR or any proprietary dashboard

  • SureFiz Pro provides APIs to for integration with Electronic Medical or Health Record System such as Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and Allscripts
  • We can also integrate SureFiz Pro with any proprietary dashboard for any size of clinic or hospital
  • No additional cost of integration

An Innovative and Smart Approach

Our provider friendly system makes it easy to manage and monitor clients remotely and effectively

Manage Short-term Goals

Automatic User Data Transfer

As users step on the scale, their weight, BMI, muscle, fate and water percent, bone mass, BMR, visceral fat, and muscle protein are available to you in meaningful charts

Stay Informed

Clients Stay motivated

With daily motivation, instant feedback from AI agents which is customizable to your needs, your clients stay informed and motivated

Create an Accountability Circle

Notifications to the trainers

You can receive various levels of alerts and notifications based on your needs. These alerts and notifications are customizable. This is optional and customizable

Receive Instant Feedback

Manage and Monitor

Manage your clients through your dashboard through visual charts and their demographic. Monitor their performance, it could be weight loss or maintenance

Get Expert Input

Expand and Scale

Since scale is connected to Internet, you can expand your business nationwide and globally. You can communication with your client individually or to all

Affordable Technology

Affordable Technology

You get intelligent monitoring scheme, customizable per your needs. We can integrate SureFiz into your existing system, if you like. Above all price is right

So, what are you waiting for?

Take your fitness and wellness program to the next level