The Secret Sauce To Weight Loss™
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Welcome to SureFiz™, The Best Invention in Weight Management


We’re on a Mission

To provide innovative solutions to complex problems through affordable and accessible technology


Introducing the SureFiz™ Weight Management System

Innovative technology + artificial intelligence + research data and analytics

What is SureFiz™?

SureFiz™is a comprehensive weight management system. It consists of innovative technologies, artificial intelligence, and weight management human experts to achieve and maintain your healthy weight.

Innovative technologies include newly invented scale, super smart apps, patented algorithms in the cloud server, and Real Intelligence No More Artificial™.


Along with innovative technologies SureFiz™ involves human interaction as well. These people are from various areas of weight management such as dietitian, fitness trainers, doctors, researchers, physiotherapists, and body builders.

You create your accountability circle with your hand-picked people, family, and/or friends. SureFiz™ has a built-in user-friendly app for accountability.

Obesity Facts and Statistics


Number of overweight in the world


Number of obese people in the world


Amount spent today in US on obesity-related diseases


Amount spent today in U.S. on weight loss programs

SureFiz™: A Comprehensive System

Our system helps you manage your journey, get informed and stay motivated to achieve and maintain a healthy weight

Manage Short-term Goals

Set an overall weight goal, step on the scale and let SureFiz™ create and dynamically manage weekly sub goals to break down your long-term goal into manageable milestones

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Stay Informed

Customize the information you want to see, including comprehensive body composition and trend data, with dynamic, visual updates each time you step on the scale

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Create an Accountability Circle

Stay motivated with support of family and friends by sharing data, celebrating successes on a message board and offering encouragement through the private messaging system

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Receive Instant Feedback

Receive immediate feedback each time you step on the scale, with a text message tailored to your performance that provides additional resources to support your journey

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Get Expert Input

Join other SureFiz™ system users to ask questions, share tips and receive feedback in a forum moderated by industry experts such as nutritionists and personal trainers

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Affordable Technology

Achieve and maintain your healthy weight through the innovative technology and integrated framework provided by the SureFiz™ system

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The only guy I have to beat is the guy I was last week

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self

Ernest Hemingway

Visionary Leadership

SureFiz™ was brought to you from conception to final product with the sheer commitment of a visionary leadership

Dr. Sarfraz Khokhar

Founder & CEO

Helen Mo


Erik Berger

Intellectual Property

See what our Beta subscribers have to say

Rasimo Systems the maker of SureFiz™ ran a beta field trial, this is what our beta subscribers say

Alicia Pretty

Professional Model

In the modeling and music industry looks are everything. SureFiz goes one step beyond the superficial looks and keeps me healthy! I am able to keep up my busy schedule because SureFiz does all the rest!

Courtney Breen

Student and EMT

Losing weight had always been hard for me since it is difficult to see results right away. SureFiz is so accurate and gives so much information that I really feel like I'm losing more for the same amount of effort!

Leilani Anne Mattson

Verification Specialist

SureFiz really helps to keep me accountable for my weight loss goals. I also fight on the amateur level, and during a weight cut, it really helps me to ensure I am doing it in a healthy and efficient way!

Shan Javed

IT and MMA Professional

I love SureFiz because as an IT professional , I have to sit quite a bit. I can't get the movement I need to stay active how I want. SureFiz allows me to monitor my body composition both, for health and prep for my fights.