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Delivering Innovative Solutions to Complex Problems

Delivering Innovative Solutions to Complex Problems

Innovative Technologies

We’re Rasimo Systems, an integrated technology company on a mission to provide innovative solutions to complex problems through affordable and accessible technology. With the introduction of our flagship product, the SureFiz™ weight management system, our Rasimo Systems team begins to carry out our mission of delivering lifechanging technology that benefits everyone.

We believe that a large proportion of the problems humanity is facing can be addressed or alleviated by the optimal mix of technologies. The soul of the solution comes from the unmaterialistic ideas behind them.

Our emphasis is on artificial intelligence, automation, data analytics, internet of things, biometry and biomedical engineering. Seeking to benefit humanity through technology, our focus is on solving everyday problems through a balanced mix of human knowledge and artificial intelligence.

Our Vision of Future Innovations

Realistic Intelligence No More Artificial™

We make what people call artificial look real.

Data Analytics: Dig For The Unknown

We can reveal the wealth of knowledge.

Internet of Things: Connect All That Counts

In our interconnected world, we connect to solutions.

Affordable and Accessible Technology for All

Rasimo Systems is determined to innovate and disrupt the current technology landscape. With products and services designed for everyday life, we are delivering lifechanging technology to the masses.

SureFiz™ is meant to earn your trust

All the basic elements to earn your trust and partnership is built into SureFiz™ DNA. If you get off track, it will put you backof track

SureFiz™ knows your pain points

It is going to take you to your goal step by step, you can have your loved ones in this journey

User friendly very easy to use, no worries

Just step on the scale, the system takes care of the rest in keeping you on track for your target goal

New scale reads you your overall picture

YAs you step on the scale, the scale shows you, how far are you from your sub and overall goal

With SureFiz™ you don't regain your lost weight

95% people regain their lost weight, SureFiz™ features keep your guided not to regain

Affordable by All
Yet, high quality system

Annual subscription is only $4.99/month , you can add a family member for only $2.99/month, scale and APP are FREE

It guides and assists you as a trustworthy friend

Trrough expert-guided forum, text messages, APPs, and scale read-out, it is with you in your journey

Visionary Leadership

SureFiz™ Reached to you from conception to final product with the sheer commitment of a visionary leadership

Dr. Sarfraz Khokhar

Founder & CEO

Helen Mo


Erik Berger

Intellectual Property