Your true partner in weight management

Your true partner in weight management

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How To Videos

SureFiz has unique inventive features. This video provides a quick overview of all the features in SureFiz App.

This video shows what you will receive in the box and a high level scale setup overview. The detailed step-by-step instructions are in 'Sign Up Instructions for SureFiz Scale and Service'.

Setting up or updating WiFi on SureFiz scale is quite straightforward. This video provides step-by-step instructions in case there is any misunderstanding.

SureFiz Signup step-by-step instructions. These instruction are useful for any customer who bought SureFiz scale or service from Amazon, SureFiz website, Apple In App purchase, or received as a gift.

This video guides you on how to change the account password.

This video guides you on how to update your basic information such as height, preferred units, phone number, etc. and your profile picture in your SureFiz account profile.

Accountability Circle is a great approach to help one another and pump up motivation. This video shows you how to setup SureFiz accountability circle and how to effectively use it.

In SureFiz app, you can setup a reminder, it could be any of your personal reminder. It does not have to be related to weight management. This video shows you how to set it up.

This video shows you how to replace the old SureFiz scale with a new SureFiz scale. All you need to do is put the new scale number in your account.

SureFiz is a great platform for weight management and weight loss for family and partner. If you buy SureFiz, you can add family and friends to your account. Check details at This video shows step-by-step instructions on how to add a user to your account.

Every time when you step on the scale, SureFiz sends you notifications on your progress and screenshot of your scale screen. In case scale needs to ask you who stepped on the scale, it will send you a quick notification. If for some reason, you did not respond to any of these notifications, you can always view these notification. This video tells you, how.

When you signed up on your app, you entered you weight management options, such as desired weight and the time to reach that weight. This video shows you how to update that information, should you change your mind later.

SureFiz Form is moderated by dietitians, fitness trainers, and other weight management experts. As a SureFiz subscriber you have access to this forum. Here you can ask them and other peers for guidance, engage in discussion and share your thoughts.