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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us for general business inquiries using CONTACT base. We will respond your within 24 hours.

The shipping is Free. You would receive SureFiz™ scale in 2-4 business days.

Your credit/debit card statement will show Rasimo Systems LLC as the vendor. Rasimo Systems LLC is the parent company of the product, SureFiz™ .

You are billed anually. At the signup you pay for the year subscription and the enrollment fee. After one year of SureFiz™ service, you will be charged yearly subscription from the credit card from your profile. For example, you started your service on August 8, 2019, you will be charged next yearly subscription on August 8, 2020.

When you sign up for SureFiz™ membership at the introductory rate of $59.88 ($4.99 per month, paid annually), you have locked the rate for the life of membership. Your rate will NOT be increased, you will keep on paying $59.88 every year. If you cancel and rejoin, the rate membership rate of that time will apply. If you have signed up after the introductory rate, that rate will stay the same for the life of membership.

Since scale is given to you FREE, at the time of cancellation you keep the scale. There is no refund for the rest of the yealy membership. For example your yealy membership expires on December 15, and you decided to cancel on July 17, there is no pro-rated refund, you keep the scale. If you would like to cancel the subscription, you can cancel anytime. Since scale is given to you for FREE, at the time of cancellation you need not to return the scale back to us, you keep the scale. The one-time enrollment and membership fee are non-refundable. When you cancel the membership your renewal for next year will stop, and you will not be charged from the time of cancellation onward.

To cancel the membership (subscription), you can go to and fill in cancellation form. You can find the cancellation form under Support tab.