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You may benefit from breaking down a long-term goal into a series of smaller, short-term goals

You may benefit from breaking down a long-term goal into a series of smaller, short-term goals

Mayo Clinic

Minimum Requirements

  • Internet WiFi access
  • Smartphone (Android or Apple) or smart tablet
  • Commitment to maintain a healthy weight
  • You have bought the subscription through Amazon or any other authorized partner OR you have signed up for SureFiz® from OR any other source including Apple In-app purchase from SureFiz Mobile App.

Box contents

  • SureFiz® Innovative body composition, short-terms, and overall goal managing scale
  • Four AAA batteries
  • This Quick-Start-Guide

The objective of this Quick-Start Guide is to get you started quickly to benefit from your subscription to SureFiz®. The steps are simple and straightforward. For in depth details on how to interact with SureFiz® and how SureFiz interacts with you, please visit Though the setup is simple, however we highly recommended that you watch a short video for first setup at

Main tasks in Quick-Start Guide

Please follow the steps in the following order:

  • Installing SureFiz® App
  • Choose a suitable spot for scale
  • Registering your scale
  • Connecting your scale to your WiFi Network

Once you have completed the above steps, all you have to do is step on the scale regularly, SureFiz® will care of the rest.

1. Installing SureFiz® App

If you have QR scanner on your smart device, please scan the Google Play Store QR code below for Android devices or scan the Apple App Store QR code below for your Apple smart device.


If you don't have QR scanner installed on your phone, you can install QR code and scan the aforementioned QR codes to download SureFiz® App. Alternatively you can tap on Apple App Store icon appstoreicon or Google Play Store icon playstoreicon on your phone and search for 'SureFiz', and download SureFiz® App. surefiz_app_icon Please make sure you "Allow" SureFiz® to send notifications. This is extremely important.

2. Choose a suitable spot for scale

Place the scale on a hard and flat surface and within your 2.4G WiFi network coverage are. Placing the scale on uneven or soft place (on a carpet for example) will not determine your weight accurately.

3. Register your scale

DO NOT INSTALL THE BATTERIES YET. On the back of the scale, on a label, look for Scale ID; it is a 10-digit long number.


Please note this number, you will need it later in this step.

i) Through phone Settings connect your smart phone (or smart device) to the WiFi network to which you want to connect your scale. Please note the WiFi must be 2.4 GHz WiFi, it should NOT be 5 GHz WiFi. If you have only one WiFi network and your phone is set on that WiFi you are all set.

ii) Login in to the SureFiz® App using your email address and password you used during sign up.


Picture ( ii )


Picture ( ii )

iii) After successful login you will see Activation screen with One Time Password (OTP) filled in.

If due to some network problem the OTP does not autofill, please check your email in which OTP has been sent out to you, type in the OTP (four digits) into the four squares blocks on the activation screen of your smart device.

Tap on Submit

On the Activation completed successfully message, tap on Next.

iv) You will see all the information you submitted during the sign up process in the next screen. The scale ID field will be empty. Please type in your Scale ID number. Verify that you have entered the scale ID correctly. Alternatively, you can scan the scale ID label with your phone camera. To do so, tap on "Tap Here To Scan". Tap on Register. You will see a message for successful registration.


Picture ( Tap on Next )


Picture ( iv )


Picture (Scale WiFi Setup)

After completion of step 3 you will see Scale WiFi Setup screen with your WiFi network name already filled in.

4. Connect your scale to your WiFi network

i) Verify that the auto-filled WiFi network name in the Scale WiFi Setup screen is the network to which you want to connect your scale.

If you don't know your WiFi name and its password, please ask the person who helped you to setup your WiFi, on some router WiFi network name and the password is written on the body of the WiFi router.

ii) Install batteries into the scale. The WiFi symbol on the screen of the scale will blink.


iii) Type in the WiFi password on the Scale WiFi Setup screen. Double check your password, if password is incorrect, scale WiFi configuration will not succeed. Tap on Configure. When the WiFi configuration is completed you will see the configuration completed message.

You will see the success ring on the scale screen as well.


Picture (WiFi success ring)


Picture ( iii )

You have completed WiFi Setup. Tap on Next and DO NOT step on the scale yet. Proceed to step iv).

If you entered correct WiFi network name and password but the scale WiFi setup did not work, another setup method known as AP Config Method will be used.


Picture (WiFi setup didn't work)

Follow these steps:

a) Tap on AP Coding. This will take you to the AP Configuration screen.

b) Take the batteries of the scale out and put them back. In the batteries compartment, there is a black push button. Push the button and keep it pushed until you see letter AP next to WiFi symbol.


Release the button.


Picture ( a )


Picture ( d )


Picture ( e )

c) Enter the WiFi network name and password. Please do double check the WiFi name and password.

d) Tap on Confirm. Picture ( d ) message shows up on the screen.

e) Tap on Join.

AP Configure button will show up. Tap on AP Configure.

f) On successful WiFi Setup you will see success message on your smart phone screen.

Also, you will see success ring on the scale screen as well


Picture (WiFi success ring)

This success ring may appera after few seconds of the success message on the phone screen. Tap on Next and DO NOT step on the scale yet. Processed to Step iv).


Picture ( f )

iv) Verify that the weight unit (Kg or LBS) on the scale is of your choice. Slightly tap on the scale with one foot, and look at the screen. If the weight unit is not of your choice, you can easily change it. To change, short press the black button in the batteries compartment, each press will toggle between LBS and Kg. Set the unit to your choice.


Picture (Push button)

v) Scale comes pre-calibrated from the factory. During shipping, its calibration may get affected. After you place the scale on a study, leveled and hard surface, slightly tap on the scale with your foot. When you see 0.0 on the screen, the screen is recalibrated.


Picture (Scale calibration)

vi) Now step on the scale barefoot and follow directions on the screen. Always step on the scale barefooted. Tap on Yes! It's done.


Picture ( vi )

You have done your part, system will take care from here. Interact with SureFiz® notification, setup accountability circle, participate in Experts guided forum. You can also interact with your dashboard by logging into your account at Watch how to use all these features on


For troubleshooting tips and other setup help please visit

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