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Tips From Carmen: SureFiz Dietitian

Carmen Ghantous: SureFiz registered dietitian
Meet Carmen Ghantous: SureFiz registered dietitian and expert in weight loss management

Carmen’s formula:  QQF

Carmen counsels her patients and clients on the Common Sense, some call it Magic Diet Formula! First of all, and before talking further about the magic formula, Carmen highlights the most important aspect to make a successful weight loss story or to maintain a healthy weight; having a strong WILL.

Food is everywhere, and so are messages tempting us to eat and drink. Whenever you decide to be strict on your diet, you should work on yourself and push yourself to resist any temptation around.

The majority of weight loss diets don’t result in long-term or a sustainable result.   Definitely, that is NOT our aim! Not our goal! We need to lose the excess of pounds (or kilos) and enhance our body composition once and for all.

In order to reach this target! Follow Carmen’s Common-Sense Formula!

QQF: Quantity, Quality and Frequency!

Quantity: Each one of you should review the calories intake consumed through eating and drinking and compare it to the calories burned through physical activity. Whenever calories intake is more than the calories consumed, weight gain is evident. It is a simplistic model; there are other factors as well, however, sticking to this principle helps.

If the calories intake is less than the calories consumed, the unhealthy weight loss is natural, it will happen. The energy balance is the most valuable way forward to reach a healthy weight and maintain it. You should watch your portion size.  Share a healthy entree with someone, don’t serve seconds, eat of smaller plates and skip buffets.  At each meal, half of your plate and satiety should be derived from vegetables and make sure to vary your veggies by choosing a colorful variety prepared in a healthy way.

The calories you consume is a net result of quantity and quality, which is the next part of Carmen’s QQF formula. The foods you eat can also affect hormones that regulate when and how much you eat. Some foods can cause hormone changes that encourage weight gain.

Quality: As long as you improve the quality of food you eat, you can eat more quantity from that food! Therefore you should more often choose to cook at home to avoid processed foods, make foods flavorful with herbs, spices, and low-fat seasonings, eat fish at least twice per week, go lean with protein, choose the nonfat white cheese , plan healthy snacks , eat whole grains often , include legumes , chickpeas , lentils, nuts,  and seeds more often and grill, steam, or bake instead of frying.

Frequency: Dieting doesn’t mean a self-deprivation.  Whenever you control the frequency of eating the “occasional food” per week/month, then you will enjoy your life without feeling guilty.  Limit the frequency for twice per week – quantity in small amounts of sweet foods like chocolate, pastries, cake, cookies and other desserts and focus more on fruits and vegetables.  To reduce temptation, don’t keep sugary food at home!

“To conclude, you should focus on variety, good hydration and regular physical activity in order to maintain a healthy weight. The self-control is mandatory also to keep on track. Weighing ourselves often is the right way for a close auto-assessment, that why I advise you to subscribe to SureFiz® to indulge yourself for a better you!”