Delivering Innovative Solutions to Health Tech

Delivering Innovative Solutions to Health Tech

Innovative Technologies

Innovative Technologies

We’re Rasimo Systems, an integrated technology company on a mission to provide innovative solutions to complex problems through affordable and accessible technology. With the introduction of our flagship product, the SureFiz Pro weight management system, our Rasimo Systems team begins to carry out our mission of delivering lifechanging technology that benefits everyone.

We believe that a large proportion of the problems humanity is facing can be addressed or alleviated by the optimal mix of technologies along with the human expertise..

Our emphasis is on health tech, artificial intelligence, automation, data analytics, internet of things, biometry and biomedical engineering. Seeking to benefit humanity through technology, our focus is on solving everyday problems through a balanced mix of human knowledge, artificial intelligence, and technology. Through SureFiz Pro we complement the weight loss experts including weight loss surgeons by providing remote management and weight monitoring of their patients.

Our Vision of Future Innovations

Realistic Intelligence, No More Artificial®

Realistic Intelligence No More Artificial®

We make what people call artificial look real.

Data Analytics: Dig For The Unknown

Data Analytics: Dig For The Unknown

We can reveal the wealth of hidden knowledge.

Internet of Things: Connect All That Counts

Internet of Things: Connect All That Counts

In our interconnected world, we connect to solutions.

Affordable and Accessible Technology for All

Rasimo Systems is determined to innovate and disrupt the current technology landscape. With products and services designed for everyday life, we are delivering lifechanging technology to the masses.

Visionary Leadership

SureFiz® was brought to you from conception to final product with the sheer commitment of a visionary leadership

Sarfraz Khokhar | SureFiz CEO and Founder

Sarfraz Khokha, PHD, MBA

Founder & CEO

Helen Mo | SureFiz Research And Development

Helen Mo


Erik Berger | SureFiz Intellectual Property

Erik Berger, JD, MSEE

Intellectual Property

Angelo Del Parigi | Senior Medical Advisor & Acting CMO

Angelo Del Parigi, MD, MBA

Acting Chief Medical Officer