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Surefiz is a holistic approach including smart Apps

Surefiz is an hollistic approach including smart Apps

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More than just a scale

At the heart of the SureFiz system is our innovative, patent-pending WiFi scale that does so much more than measure weight. Dynamically integrated with the smart dashboard, our system provides comprehensive body composition measurements, trend data and visual tracking of progress toward weekly sub goals and your overall weight loss goal.

When you step on the scale, the system immediately integrates with the smart dashboard, which you can access through a smartphone application or web browser. The dashboard provides a customizable view of the data you need, with athlete mode available for those interested in more detail.

In addition to weekly sub goal performance and overall tracking toward your long-term weight loss goal, stay informed with full body composition measurements and trend data including: weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mass.


Get all the information you need in one place with the integrated smart WiFi scale and dashboard

SureFiz scale provides your status at a glance

The scale screen provides your overall performance and sub goals achievements visually. It shows you how far your are from your next sub goal.

The dashboard is easy to follow

The dashboard gives you the options for normal weight management dashboard or an athelic dashborad with comprehensive body composition analyses

SureFiz is your own social medium for +ive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is an integral part of SureFiz. The reinforcement is not only from the system but also from the member of your accountibility circle.

Innovative and Distruptive products and services do not have to expensive to the massess
if done right

Rasimo Systems is determined to innovate and disrupt current technology landscape. We do this to bring technology to the masses to make their quality of life experince better. Our products and Services are designed for everyday life. Our first product SureFiz demonstrates our determination clearly.

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